Be customer-ready when your restaurant re-opens

Restaurants must be prepared and ready to welcome customers safely, following the #COVID19 pandemic. Contactless communication has become the new normal and restaurants offering online menus will have a distinct advantage.

  • Putting customers safety first

    We’ve all become more conscious of hygiene factors, from handling menus to contactless delivery. Putting customers’ safety first, means removing any unnecessary contact with materials that others may have come interacted with. Online menus restrict the chance of germs spreading, but inviting customers to use their own personal devices.

  • Ready for new regulations

    In the wake of #COVID19, the industry is responding with new ways of operating, particularly the hospitality trade. With catering sector new regulations, it’s important to be ready to implement new hygiene guidelines.

  • Designed for restaurant and bar owners

    Restaurant and bar owners can update their online menus in real-time, with our easy-to-use product. In just a few clicks you can add or remove dishes, update prices, and share promotions. Since there’s no need for printing menus, it saves you time and money – plus, it’s better for the environment too.

  • Menus translated into 15 different languages

    Another benefit in using our online menus is the ability to translate your dishes into 15 different languages. Our automatic translation tool means that customers from a host of locations can read your menu in just a few clicks. This includes; English, French, Italian, Spanish and German translations, amongst many others.

  • Brings your menu to life

    Our online menus bring your dishes to life in an exciting new way. Now you can add images or provide details around ingredients, allergens, calories and much more, to enrich their dining experience with you.

  • Unlimited access with No Cost

    Best of all, Mucho Menu is free to use - there’s no costs at any stage. You can use our service safe in the knowledge that your information is stored securely. It takes just 20-minutes to set up and get going

How It Works

Add your business

Create your business on Mucho Menu by providing some information like name, address and phone.

~30 seconds

Create your menu

Create your online menu using our user-friendly tool. A list of predefined items are created to make it easier for you to create attractive menus

~10 minutes

Print your code

Print the QR code generated by Mucho Menu and put it where your customers need to check the menu. Your customers will use their devices to access your menu on Mucho Menu without having to install any app. The QR code remains the same no matter the changes you bring to your menu

~5 minutes

Download Mucho Menu now!

Mucho Menu is designed to make life restaurant and bar managers easier, as well as to preserve customer safety. Download Mucho Menu app to manage easily your online menu.